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Recently the United Nations Postal Administration released a beginner's stamp album entitled "A Universal World of Stamps - E.T. and the United Nations." The response, according to UNPA officials, has been excellent.

Praised for its full-page illustrations, the album presents E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial) who delighted millions of viewers in the film of the same name, leading children through the United Nations and the world of stamp collecting.The album includes 12 U.N. stamps and a supply of hinges. One of the issues is the International Year of the Family stamps.

The album is priced at $9.95 and is available from the United Nations Postal Administration, P.O. Box 5900, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163-9992.

- VOLUME II of the 1995 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog (countries of the world A-C) is now available to collectors. Publisher Scott Morrisey comments that there are more than 10,000 upward value changes in the book, with nearly half reported for China (both the People's Republic and Taiwan).

The Eastern European countries of Albania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic also show many increases. The strong upward trend for many countries should cheer stamp collectors who have been disappointed in recent years with the evaluation of their collections.

Volume II is available for $33 (same as Volume I) from your local dealer or directly from Scott Publishing Co., Box 828, Sidney, OH 45365.

- Syd Kronish