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Political junkies, note: Virginia's wild-card U.S. Senate race has spawned a set of trading cards.

Richmond artist F.T. Rea said he created "Campaign Inkbites," a $12 set of 15 laminated, full color cards, to put his own spin on the lively campaign that has shaken up Virginia's historically staid political scence.Democratic Sen. Charles S. Robb and independent candidates Marshall Coleman and L. Douglas Wilder were easy to cariacature, Rea said.

"There's Robb with his scandals and association to President Johnson," he sadi. "There's the feud between Doug Wilder and Robb. Then you've got poor old Marshall Coleman, who runs every time there's a race for anything and never wins."

Other cards show a befuddled Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton with a red-nosed resemblance to W.C. Fields, a haggard U.S. Sen. John Warner and Gov. George Allen looking like a ranch hand.

Rush Limbaugh is in the deck, along with University of Virginia political scientist and spin-doctor Larry Sabato and a scantily clad Tai Collins, the former Miss Virginia who said she and Robb had an affair. Robb says they shared nothing more than a nude massage and a bottle of wine.

Rea's inspiration, though, was Republican nominee Oliver North, shown wearing a silly grin and a Napoleonic hat.

"I think he sees himself in that light," Rea said. "His imagination, his flamboyance, his military background... I expect Ollie will be running for president the day after this election."