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University of Utah headhunters have another $10 million pledge from industrialist Jon Huntsman as they go recruiting senior cancer researchers.

"The most critical things in developing an institute like this are the early senior appointments," said Raymond L. White, director of the fledgling Huntsman Cancer Institute."This is the hardest thing to get for the reason that we want them -they are absolutely loved by their home institution. There almost always has to be something motivating them to move," he said.

A year ago Huntsman and his family announced a $10 million gift to the university to launch the cancer institute. Huntsman, who lost both parents to cancer and survived a 1992 bout with prostate cancer himself, pledged another $10 million Tuesday.

"We are just thrilled that he feels that committed and is so excited about the prospects for this institute," said Steve Warner, assistant vice president for health sciences.

Huntsman is chairman and chief executive officer of a group of companies that includes Huntsman Chemical Corp. when he announced the first $10 million pledge last September, Huntsman said his family was "going out on a limb" in promising ongoing support for the institute.

"His goal is $100 million," said Huntsman Chemical spokesman Don Olsen. "He and his family have been out raising money from various sources to help reach that goal to get this thing rolling."

White said most of the past year has been spent planning. He and his colleagues have visited top research centers across the country, asking how they go about their business and what areas may be most ready for progress.

They have picked a building site east of University Hospital.