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James Clavell, author of such best-selling books as "Shogun," "King Rat" and "Noble House," died of complications related to cancer, his publisher said Wednesday. He was 69.

Clavell died Tuesday evening at his home in Vevey, Switzerland. His wife, April, and two daughters were by his side."The James Clavell I have known was a consummate storyteller who expressed his zest for life as skillfully in person as he did on the printed page," Dell publisher Carole Baron said in a statement issued in New York.

Clavell was probably best known for his "Asian Saga," a six-book chronicle of the history of Anglo-Saxons in the Orient.

The most famous volume of the saga was the 1975 novel "Shogun," which was made into a 12-hour miniseries in 1981 starring Richard Chamberlain. The miniseries drew more than 100 million viewers and earned an Emmy award. It later was made into a musical for Broadway.

The author started his career in Hollywood, earning a Screen Writers award for "The Great Escape" and directing, writing and producing "To Sir With Love," which starred Sidney Poiteir.