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An ordinance phasing in emissions testing for diesel vehicles will be brought to the Davis County Commission within two weeks, a county health official said Tuesday.

Rich Harvey, head of the county's environmental health division, told the county board of health that large diesel vehicles; more than 10,000 pounds, will be the first ones to be tested as the new program is phased in.That category is mostly large trucks operated by fleet carriers, Harvey said, and the program will first involve training and certifying fleet mechanics to conduct the emissions tests.

Other vehicles will be phased in, he said, to eventually include passenger cars and light trucks as the county continues to try to stay within federally mandated clean air standards.

Davis environmental officials are working with their counterparts in Salt Lake and Utah counties on a joint approach, Harvey said.

Referring to recent publicity that Salt Lake County health officials are asking for a unified, county-run emissions and safety testing station, Harvey said Davis County has not made that decision yet.

Salt Lake County's request is "somewhat unilateral," Harvey told the health board. "We're still negotiating with EPA on how our program will be implemented. "It's a complex issue and one that's still up in the air."