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Marilyn, music and the military are likely candidates for next year's postage stamps.

Various poses of actress Marilyn Monroe are being evaluated for a 1995 stamp, one that officials hope will repeat the runaway success of the Elvis Presley stamp a year ago.Programs for stamp collectors brought in $250 million last year, led by the success of the king of rock 'n' roll.

And that's nearly all profit for the financially pressed Postal Service, since it doesn't have to perform any work for the stamps saved by collectors and music fans.

Other issues aimed at collectors next year will likely be the final year of the World War II series and stamps commemorating the Civil War.

Postal Service policy calls for presidents to be commemorated on a stamp in the year following their death, so a Richard Nixon stamp can be expected in 1995.

And agency officials are trying to work out copyright details and permission to use several cartoon characters on a series of stamps. These could include such popular figures as Prince Valiant, Popeye, the Yellow Kid and Dick Tracy if the legal complications can be worked out.

Stamps honoring several jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Thelonious Monk also appear likely candidates, although postal officials stressed that final decisions have not been completed.