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India's "bandit queen" Phoolan Devi filed a case in the Delhi High Court on Wednesday seeking a ban on the screening of a film based on her life on allegations that it violates her right to privacy.

In her petition filed by a local lawyer, Devi said that the movie "Bandit Queen" was based on a "biased version" of her life.Devi has named the film's director Shekhar Kapoor, producer S.S. Bedi, Channel Four television of London and Mala Sen, author of the book "India's Bandit Queen: A True Story" on which the film is based as respondents in the case.

The censors said last week they will effect major cuts in the movie before allowing it to be shown in the country as it contained rape scenes, harangues and abuses.

Kapoor has maintained that he will not accept any cuts. He has told the censors "either ban it or pass it without any cuts."

Devi took to the gun after her lover was killed by a rival gang and she was gang-raped. After forming her own gang, she returned to the village where she was violated and massacred 22 people in February 1981.

A massive police hunt was launched for her gang in a region known as the Chambal ravines that girdles the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, which the film depicts as plagued by bandits.

Most members of her gang were killed in the police hunt, and Devi finally surrendered. She was released on parole last February after serving 11 years of her sentence.

She now lives with Umed Singh, her sister's estranged husband, in a luxurious house in a wealthy area in New Delhi where she is known for her ostentatious life-style.