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Developments last week in the O.J. Simpson trial:

MONDAY: Court was dark for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but news was dominated by a feud between Simpson lawyers F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro. Bailey criticized Shapiro for making public accusations that Bailey leaked information to the media in a campaign to denigrate Shapiro's courtroom skills and enhance Bailey's position on the defense team. In newspaper reports, Shapiro said he wanted Bailey - an old friend - off the team.

TUESDAY: Prosecution documents quote a policeman as saying he responded to a domestic violence call during Simpson's first marriage, revealing for the first time that Simpson may have hit his first wife, Marquerite Thomas. Thomas has denied that Simpson abused her. Also, prosecutors dropped their effort to see medical records seized from Simpson's two older children, Jason and Arnelle Simpson.

WEDNESDAY: Bailey and Shapiro arrived at court together in a show of solidarity. The defense suffered a major blow when Superior Court Judge Lance Ito ruled that jurors can hear evidence about domestic violence during Simpson's relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson. Ito dismissed two jurors and replaced them with two alternates, leaving eight blacks, two whites and two people of mixed race on the panel. The judge also said he would arrange conjugal visits for sequestered jurors, and he restricted the number of people who can visit Simpson.

THURSDAY: Court papers revealed prosecutors don't want jurors told that they must find Simpson guilty "to a moral certainty" to convict him; only that he be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense asked that the "moral certainty" reference be kept in the instructions.

FRIDAY: The judge ruled that accusations of racism against detective Mark Fuhrman could be allowed in the trial on a limited basis and the "n-word" could be heard in court if the defense makes a case for why it's relevant. He also ruled that prosecutors may not immediately call some witnesses regarding domestic abuse or the purchase of gloves and shoes allegedly worn by Simpson the night of the murders. The witnesses included eight employees of Bloomingdale's in New York and a former Simpson baby sitter. An attorney for the distributor of a Simpson exercise video said he gave prosecutors outtakes that he said show Simpson making a disparaging remark about wives. The video was filmed two weeks before the murders.

WHAT'S NEXT: Monday's court session begins with a hearing on prosecutors' efforts to force Simpson's first wife to testify. Then opening statements begin.