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Your paper reported the estimated budget for the 2002 Olympics to be $800 million with $38 million to be spent over the next three years. The sale of television rights is $545 million, with the assumption that $255 million or more will be obtained from ticket sales. It has been reported that most of the venues are built.

How certain are we of these details? Other than the sale of television rights, how were the numbers arrived at? Who is going to own the venues after the Games are over? Has the state of Utah or any of its political subdivisions made any financial guarantees? If so what are they exactly?Has a watchdog committee been set up by the state of Utah or Salt Lake City to monitor spending? Now the euphoria has passed, shouldn't the news media assign investigative reporters to follow up and give the public a detailed report?

There are other questions, too. How is the transportation crunch to be dealt with? Is light rail going to be part of the solution? Is transportation part of the $800 million figure? Surely these things have been thought through. The essence of good government is a well-informed electorate, and the publicly disseminated information on the Olympics seems a bit thin.

Michael W. Crippen

Salt Lake City