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I, too, am upset about the handling of the Beach Boys concert at Wolf Mountain.

My wife and I spent $46 on tickets as well as over $50 for a hotel room in Park City as we had planned a fun night out.Although the rain was unfortunate and uncontrollable, United Concerts did an awful job of handling the concert. As we sat on the lawn through a torrential downpour for 21/2 hours, we finally decided to leave, as had the majority of people sitting on the lawn. We were lucky to make it down the 6-inch-deep mud hill without falling; numerous others were not so fortunate.

We received an announcement to listen to station 94.1 on the radio to see if the concert would be held. The problem was we couldn't get the station in Park City, either in our car or the hotel, and, what's more, we were so miserable and wet, we didn't want to hike back up the mud hill.

With so many concerts at Wolf Mountain, you'd think United Concerts and Wolf Mountain would lay gravel or cement for the enjoyment of concertgoers.

After this disaster, my wife and I sent a letter to United Concerts asking for a refund. They sent a letter back rather rudely stating that they felt they didn't owe us anything (I'd like to see them experience this disaster) but they would give us Chicago concert tickets. Well, as that concert neared, it was also raining, and we decided against going for fear of reliving our experience. We later heard that the Chicago concert played on through a constant and driving rainstorm. Sure sounds enjoyable to me.

All I can say is United Concerts did an absolutely terrible job of handling the concert, and I will never purchase tickets from them for a concert at Wolf Mountain as they will do anything to avoid giving a refund, even if it means starting a concert at 9:45 p.m. after everyone is wet and miserable.

Troy Mabey

Salt Lake City