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The YWCA "Week Without Violence," Oct. 15-21, features a different theme each day of the week.

- Sunday, Oct. 15 - "A Day of Remembrance."

Churches across the city will hold special services and moments of silence to commemorate those lost to violence and to pray for those whose lives have been affected by violence.

Event: "Interfaith Vigil," State Capitol, 6 p.m. Khan McClellan, president of the Salt Lake Ministerial Association, will direct an interfaith candlelight vigil on the Capitol steps in recognition of those who have been lost to violence and those whose lives have been affected by violence. Ministers, choirs, vocalists and performers from numerous faiths will come together to help issue the plea to live without violence.

- Monday, Oct. 16 - "Protecting Our Children."

Event: "Developing Your Nurturing Parenting Skills," YWCA, 322 E. 300 South, 7-9 p.m. Stephen Bavolek, Ph.D., of Family Development Resources Inc., will present a parenting workshop.

Event: "Keeping Utah's Children Safe from Violence," Primary Children's Medical Center, 100 N. Medical Drive, third-floor auditorium, 7-8:30 p.m. Dr. Dennis Nielsen of Primary Children's Medical Center and Dr. Helen Britten of Primary Children's Child Protection Team will facilitate a discussion on keeping children safe from violence, child abuse prevention and gun safety.

- Tuesday, Oct. 17 - "Making Our Schools Safe."

Event: "Non-Violence Night" is limited to children and parents of Jackson Elementary School. This program will include a fair in the gymnasium, with booths from non-profit organizations dealing with violence prevention. Buttons and stickers will be handed out, and games will be played. University of Utah basketball players will work with kids on free throws.

All Utah children are invited to a toy gun turn-in sponsored by Gregory's Toys and Adventures. Anytime during the week, kids can visit one of Gregory's two Salt Lake locations (1348 S. Foothill Drive or 6900 S. Highland Drive) to turn in their violent toys and receive a commemorative coin set and a non-violent toy in return.

- Wednesday, Oct. 18 - "Confronting Violence Against Women."

Event: "Facing Violence in the Lives of Women," Utah State Capitol, noon-2 p.m. A panel discussion will involve women whose lives have been severely affected by violence, moderated by Utah Attorney General Jan Graham. Participants include Sherm and Karen Watkins, whose son was killed by a gang in a New York subway five years ago; Ann House, whose husband, a police officer, was killed in the Singer/Swapp polygamist standoff in Marion, Summit County; Norma Molen, the mother of a young man who was killed while trying to protect a woman who was being attacked at Indiana University three years ago; Rose Davis and Toulaire Forman, whose friendship grew out of the fact that they are mothers of two young men who shot and killed each other in the parking lot of a local grocery store last year; and Brandy Farmer, a former victim of domestic violence. Also during this week, Graham will visit area high schools to speak to young people about date rape and domestic violence among teens.

The Body Shop (retail stores) will sponsor an information booth and sell whistles and T-shirts. Proceeds are divided between the local YWCA and the Outward Bound "Women of Courage" program, a seven-day wilderness experience specifically designed for women survivors of violence.

- Thursday Oct. 19 - "Facing Violence Against Men."

Event: "Peace Day Training." Michelle Arciaga, with the Salt Lake Area Gang Project, will welcome five young people from each junior high in Salt Lake County as they participate in a daylong "Peace Day." Training will focus on solutions to youth violence. Topics will include rights, responsibilities and privileges, cultural diversity, conflict resolution and peer mentoring.

- Friday, Oct. 20 - "Eliminating Racism and Hate Crimes."

Event: "Race Unity Rally," at the Utah State Capitol, begins at 4 p.m. Coordinated by the Institute for the Healing of Racism and the Baha'i Youth Project, with cooperation from the Salt Lake City mayor's office and the state Office of Ethnic Affairs, this rally will begin on the steps of the State Capitol and will proceed in a march to the City-County Building. The purpose is to promote the ideal of living in a world without racism, hate crimes and violence. Mayor Deedee Corradini will join representatives of various ethnic communities. Performances by different ethnic groups will highlight the event.

- Saturday, Oct. 21 - "Sports and Fitness as Alternatives to Violence."

Event: YWCA "Peace Day" Celebration at 49th Street Galleria, 4998 S. Galleria Drive, 11 a.m. to midnight. People wearing "Week Without Violence" pins or stickers (available at the YWCA) can receive a discount on single or family day passes.

Event: "Eliminating Violence from Children's Sports," at the Central City Community Center, 615 S. 300 East, 10 a.m. to noon. Representatives from the National Institute for Child-Centered Coaching and the Norwegian School of Nature Life and former NBA player Lou Hudson will talk about sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment and help parents and coaches eliminate violence in children's athletics.

Event: "Conflict Resolution Workshop," University of Utah Olpin Student Union, Room 323, 9 a.m. to noon. Facilitated by Leonard Hawes, director of the University of Utah Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, this three-hour course will cover the ground rules for effective communication and healthy methods for resolving conflicts.

Event: "Volunteer for Utah's Kids," on KUED Ch. 7, 6-9 p.m. A program on what citizens can do to continue the mission of peace in local communities.