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DEFECTION: Dealing Mexico's longtime ruling party its most painful defection in years, a reformer and recent top presidential contender quit the party and accused his former colleagues of lacking the will to change. The departure of Manuel Camacho Solis added a wild card to Mexico's political scene. With the economy weak, the Institutional Revolutionary Party has suffered a series of defeats in state elections this year.ADDED MISFORTUNE: A fire destroyed almost 200 homes at a refugee camp for Vietnamese boat people in the central Philippines, local officials said Saturday. No one was killed during the three-hour blaze on Friday night that gutted 174 houses, leaving 1,129 of the 2,909 refugees at the camp in Puerto Princesa homeless. Three babies overcome by smoke were recovering at a local hospital, an official at the camp told reporters.

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DISMISSAL? Defense attorneys are seeking the dismissal of indictments against Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh, claiming in a motion filed Friday that the grand jury that returned the indictments was intimidated and manipulated by government prosecutors. Defense attorney Stephen Jones, head of McVeigh's legal team, said he believes the government refused to grant jurors' requests to examine evidence that could have pointed to a wider conspiracy, and that one member of the panel was visited at his home by armed FBI agents.

CONSUMERS: A judge in New York City has ruled that a plastic surgeon can proceed with a lawsuit against the makers of breast implants on the grounds that doctors, like their patients, are consumers. The ruling Wednesday by state Supreme Court Judge John Leone is the first in which a judge has found that a doctor, like a consumer, is covered under the 1976 Medical Device Amendments Act, attorney David A. Green said Friday.

ANGER: A man who was beaten into a coma, allegedly by his anger-management counselor, has died after his family agreed a hospital could disconnect life support. Miguel Gonzales, 32, had been unconscious since Monday night, when Honolulu authorities say he was beaten by Charles Mahuka. Mahuka was a leader of an anger-management class that Gonzales was ordered to attend for assaulting his girlfriend.