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Murder charges were filed Tuesday against a Taylorsville woman accused of fatally shooting her husband.

Sally Jane Michelsen, 48, reportedly fired several bullets into 61-year-old Fred Michelsen following an argument Thursday inside their home at 2010 W. Lindsay Drive (4135 South).She then telephoned her sister and said she just shot her husband, according to a 3rd Circuit Court complaint.

Moments later, Sally Michelsen called 911 operators and repeated her story - adding that she thought her husband was dead and that the gun was still in her hand, the complaint said.

Deputies arrived at the split red-brick home and found Fred Michelsen's body in the basement surrounded by several spent bullet casings. A .25-caliber pistol was later discovered in the home, the complaint said.

A subsequent autopsy revealed the victim died from six slug wounds to the stomach, shoulder and back area.

Investigators say the couple - who operated Village Television Sales and Service in Taylorsville - had a history of domestic trouble, but don't know what sparked Thursday's dispute.

The couple reportedly divorced a few years ago but later reconciled and remarried.

Despite whispers of past trouble, neighbors recall the couple being friendly and almost inseparable.

While some friends said he beat her, others said it was Fred Michelsen who is the victim of domestic violence. Friends said he recently taped situations where she abused him and had been trying to get away from her.

Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Jim Potter wouldn't talk about evidence the department is using in the case, but said they did have tapes and there was evidence that police believe proved Fred Michelsen was trying to get away from his estranged wife.

If convicted of the murder charge, a first-degree felony, Sally Michelsen could face life in prison. She is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail on a $150,000 bond.