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In March, PowerQuest launched PartitionMagic 1.0 with a total of $8,000 in the bank. Six months later, the company has recorded $1 million in sales.

"So many software products today are evolutionary," said Eric Ruff, PowerQuest President. "We formed a team of forward-thinking people who wanted to take a quantum leap."The leap forward is PartitionMagic, the first software product in the world that allows users to visually modify hard-disk partitions without destroying data, according to Ruff.

Partitions are like rooms in a house. They allow PC users to organize and protect operating systems, programs, and data files. "Before PartitionMagic even PC experts would have to spend a full day to change their hard disk partitions," Ruff said. "Now they can perform the same operation in minutes."

One of the company's biggest challenges was to convince PC experts that the technology actually worked.

"We had a lot of PC experts stating in public electronic forums that they didn't believe a product like PartitionMagic was possible," Ruff said. "Fortunately, the brave souls who bought the first copies were very vocal in their enthusiasm and support for the product."

Ruff said the business climate in Utah is very favorable for an innovative start-up company. Many of the company's financial partners, printers and other suppliers are used to working with software companies.

"Given our resources we probably couldn't have launched the company anywhere else in the world," he said.

PowerQuest is preparing a major new product for release in the fourth quarter. The new product is targeted at a broader, less technical market than PartitionMagic.

For more information about PowerQuest and its products call 226-8977.