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Dear Do-It Man: In May I sent Smart Shoppers News a check for $37.31 to cover the cost of a membership fee, two food choppers ($4.95 each vs. $20 for a similar food chopper I saw at the State Fair), an Incredible Mop ($4.47) and a hairstyling wand ($7.95).

I sent the company a letter in June saying I hadn't received the merchandise and asked for a refund if my order couldn't be filled immediately. I got no answer.I wrote it another letter in August and included a copy of my canceled check. I also asked for a refund. No reply.

A few days ago I received the mop but nothing else. I want the rest of the order or a refund.

- B.D., Salt Lake City.

Dear B.D.: The customer service supervisor we spoke to on the phone said the company reshipped the rest of your order along with a battery-powered potato peeler. The peeler is a gift from company because you included names and addresses of three people to be added to its mailing list when you placed your order.