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Local government

Davis County Commission

At its meetings on Monday, Sept. 25, and Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Davis County Commission:

- Agreed to sell a strip of property 3 feet wide by 700 feet long, acquired in 1989 by tax default, to an adjoining property owner in north Layton for $250.

- Passed a state-mandated Emergency Powers ordinance that allows county government, during a declared emergency or disaster, to operate from a site other than the declared county seat and contract for emergency services.

- Approved a budget change boosting the commission's travel and mileage budget by $8,500.

- Approved budget changes requested by Fair Director Kim Novak to transfer $10,000 out of her personnel fund to cover additional fair costs. The transfer covers the cost of renting another canopy to accommodate additional commercial booths at the fair last month and purchase, rather than rent, electrical equipment.

West Point

In its Sept. 26 meeting, the City Council:

- Received the Davis County sheriff's report for August. There were 429 patrol hours, 14 arrests, 32 citations and four residential burglaries. There were also several crimes reported at the new golf course.

- Considered awarding the community block grant development work bid to Eddy L. Shaw Construction Co. for $110,882 - the low bid. However, the decision was tabled, pending a review of sidewalk safety concerns. The project will add sidewalk, storm drain and other improvements to 300 North and 4500 West, near West Point Elementary School.

- Approved a city manager ordinance, allowing the council to hire a city manager separate for the mayor for up to a three-year term.

- Voted to allow Mayor Howard Stoddard to continue as acting city manager for the time being, until the end of his term as mayor or as the council later decides.