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150 years ago

Persecution of the Saints in and around Nauvoo, Ill., began to intensify in the fall of 1845, according to History of the Church 7:485.

On Oct. 23, a detachment of the governor's troops traveled to Nauvoo from Carthage to search for a bogus printing press, searching Lucien Woodworth's house in vain.

The next day, Oct. 24, some mobbers went to Nathan Bigelow's home near Camp Creek and ordered him to leave within a week, or a mob would burn his home. Brother Bigelow sent his son to Nauvoo for counsel, and the younger man was advised to go to Carthage and make the facts known to government military leaders there.

He was told troops were not available to assist, and to tell his father to defend his house and to call upon his neighbors to help him. Soon afterward, five government soldiers were sent to assist. But they entered the home late at night without identifying themselves, and Father Bigelow discharged a pistol, wounding a Lt. Edwards.

The man's wounds were tenderly cared for, and the military leaders justified the act as self-defense.

Quote from the past

"We are here a new people, forming our habits and laying the foundation of a great work." - Elder George Q. Cannon, in an address given April 7, 1868, in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.