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October 24 is U.N. day all over the world. Yippee, hooray. Everyone get their flags out, take off work and school. This is really something to celebrate.

The United Nations is going to save the day and bring peace to all nations with their peacekeeping force armed in part with our men and our money. Let's see how well they're doing for us. There is Somalia. Well, maybe we should count that as practice. Oh, how about Haiti. Oops, well maybe Bosnia or Rwanda. Their force isn't bringing any peace, only death and destruction.Could it be because the men who have served as U.N. secretary general, from Trygvie Lie to Boutros Boutros-Ghali, have all been enthusiastic socialists and enemies of the free-enterprise system.

Maybe the United Nations isn't able to do the job because the organization is founded and run by extremely immoral agents and ideals. For instance, in 1993, the U.N. Economic and Social Council (UNESCO) granted consultant status to the International Gay and Lesbian Association that includes the North American Man/Boy Love Association (advocates of child molestation) and other such groups.

But let's celebrate the United Nations and its goals anyway on Oct. 24. Our own federal mail service already used the revenue they take from us to create U.N. stamps. We can really celebrate that. Just go down to the local post office - the U.N. stamps are there for the masses.

When has the Postal Service put real patriots on our stamps?

Sherri Ann Jensen