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I am not a resident of Salt Lake City; nevertheless, I watch the contest for mayor with a certain fascination. We recently moved here from the East, and I remember watching the disgrace and subsequent re-election of Mayor Marion Berry in Washington, D.C. I could not believe it when he was re-elected, and at that time I thought that if they elected him, they got what they deserved.

As to Mayor Deedee Corradini, I hear a woman saying that she paid little attention and didn't understand at all the Bonneville Pacific Co.'s business dealings. I see her greatly resist making her papers public. I read that she and her husband had a combined income in excess of $250,000 and yet paid only about $26,000 taxes. I read that much of this income came from sweetheart loans and money shuffling of Bonneville Pacific funds and related dummy companies. I note the following:1. She professes to be fully qualified to be mayor of Salt Lake City, yet says she didn't pay attention and knew nothing of Bonneville Pacific finances.

2. She had a very high income yet paid a relatively paltry amount of taxes.

3. All this wheeling and dealing looks, smells and feels like rotten fish to me.

4. She still resists mightily making any explanations. I think if she is involved in crooked business deals, it bears on her functioning as mayor.

5. Though I am not involved, I can't help thinking that if Salt Lake elects her, it gets what it deserves.

Eunice Pace

West Jordan