I am at a loss. Who is this Rich McKeown guy anyway and why should we elect him as mayor? What has he done? What experience does he have? Has he ever managed or administered a large, diverse work force? Has he ever generated or managed a multimillion-dollar budget? What does he know about fire, police, crime, housing, parks, recreation, streets, airports and intergovernmental relations?

I asked around, nobody seems to know who he is. I called the Democratic Party (he is supposedly a Democrat), they haven't heard much from him; he doesn't pay dues, doesn't attend mass meetings or conventions. I called his campaign headquarters; outside of a few vague generalities and some dead silence, I didn't get much in terms of answers. Maybe there is nothing much there to begin with, I don't know.Rich McKeown, whoever you are, if you want my vote, you are going to have to prove to me you are qualified and deserve it. So far I don't think you do.

Merelyn Worthy

Salt Lake City