Some horses were tricked and some were treated - it's Halloween again on Wall Street. OTC felt like the back half of the traditional horse costume after losing $245 this week. He's still the front-runner, followed by 30-Year T-Bond, who found $15 in his candy bag. Third-place Blue Chip gave away $61 in nickels to the kids in his neighborhood. Lipper Mutual remains fourth, but a $253 loss took some of the flicker out of his pumpkin. Silver made the biggest haul of the holiday - $100. He stays in fifth. The savers are safety conscious in all matters. EE Bonds, Money Market and 90-Day CD - in sixth, seventh and eighth - collected their usual $12, $10 and $8 treats. Lipper International stays in ninth after losing $66 - black cats and red ink seem to be his fate as of late. Gold has been hoping to rise from the dead, but his $27 loss is just another shovel of dirt on his grave.