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Tipper Gore said Tuesday her 16-year-old daughter, cited for underage drinking last week, "knows she made a very serious mistake."

"She broke our rules and she broke the law. She's extremely miserable and unhappy, I can tell you that," Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, said of daughter Sarah.The teenager was cited Friday in suburban Montgomery County, Md., after a police officer saw her with an open beer outside a party.

Police say several other juveniles also were issued civil citations. The maximum penalty for underage possession is $500.

Tipper Gore, in an interview on Fox Morning News, lamented the attention placed on her daughter.

"I would like to say the fact my child made a bad error in judgment is in the national news. Not only does she have to deal with the severe disappointment of her family and friends and herself, she has to deal with the news media's attention too. And she's only 16 years old."

Now, Tipper Gore said, "We are dealing with it privately as a family and talking to her like all families should to their teenagers about the availability of alcohol and the fact the temptations are out there."

Last year, Tipper Gore said in interviews that she was concerned about the prevalence of teenage drinking and urged parents to teach their children not to drink and to forbid drinking at teen parties. She cited a magazine survey of teens who said drinking was a worse problem than teen sex or drug abuse.