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Neither of the girls looked old enough to be in court, let alone survivors of a sexual attack by an alleged serial rapist.

But the two friends who testified in 3rd Circuit Court against Michael DeCorso early Wednesday unwaveringly described the horrific events of Sept. 17, 1994, and without doubt identified the man sitting in court as their assailant.The teens were both 14 years old when the former firefighter allegedly picked them up in West Jordan on that evening, drove them to a remote area in Tooele County and forced oral sex with one and raped the other at gunpoint.

Both are the first victims younger than 17 to testify against DeCorso in a preliminary hearing this week - and the first sexual attack survivors to tell their story.

They said they were walking to one girl's home in West Jordan about 11 p.m. when a man who called himself "Mike" stopped his grey sedan and offered them a ride.

The two agreed, though they had earlier promised each other they wouldn't accept a ride from a man.

"We were cold and we just wanted to get home," one of the girls said.

Moments later, as "Mike" was about to turn up the street to the home, he instead pulled a gun and said, "You girls aren't too smart for hitchhiking," one of the teens testified.

The man then ordered the pair to take off their shoes and socks, empty their pockets and put on seatbelts, reminding them that he had "killed a lady before" and wouldn't mind killing one again, they said.

About an hour later the three ended up on a dirt road outside Tooele where "Mike" ordered the two girls to undress and then took each of them to the back of the car and demanded oral sex, they testified.

At one point, he asked if one of the girls was scared. "Yes," she repeated for the judge Wednesday. The man marched each of the girls to the back of the car twice, assaulting both on each occasion before finally raping one in the car's front seat. He pointed the gun at the other girl and ordered her "to watch" while he raped her friend, the girl testified.

A state crime lab expert was expected to testify later Wednesday that he positively matched DNA in semen recovered from the girls' clothing to DeCorso.

In testimony Tuesday, a store clerk at the Draper Payless Shoesource store, 1128 E. 12300 South, said she first noticed a shadowy figure in the back room about 9 p.m. on Sept. 17, 1994, as she and another employee closed up shop.

"I could tell it was a man . . . to me he was large," said Natalie Weaver, 19.

Then, the man forced one hand over her mouth and another around her waist.

Before he released her and fled the store, the man moved past a full-length aisle mirror, allowing Weaver to catch a glimpse of her captor: a stocky-built man wearing white shoes, dark jeans and a horizontal-striped shirt.

After the man left, Weaver hid in the dark of a back-room bathroom until she overheard the voices of workers from a nearby Subway eatery who had gone to the store to investigate.