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Hundreds of Comorian soldiers who surrendered to French invaders were freed from detention today under an amnesty granted to supporters of last week's mercenary-led coup.

Some soldiers raised their arms and shouted in joy after walking out of Moroni's Hahaya airport, where they were kept overnight under the watch of French commandos after giving up the day before.Several said foreign forces - mercenary or French - should leave the Comoros so people can get on with their lives.

"First the mercenaries come and make trouble," said Corp. Asman Hamadi Soco, 32, a nine-year veteran. "Then the French come and make more trouble. They shoot people, take possessions, damage the airport. They treat us like nothing because they can dance in here anytime."

Life edged toward normal in Moroni, the capital, after a turbulent week in which foreign mercenaries led by 66-year-old Frenchman Bob Denard toppled the government and seized President Said Mohamed Djohar, then were overtaken by a lightning invasion of 800 elite French troops Wednesday.

People filled markets Friday, and handmade wooden fishing boats dotted the bays and harbors bordered by sand or dark lava stone. French troops continued to check cars along the main road but some began leaving.

Two civilians died in the coup and four people, including two Comorian soldiers, were killed in the French attack.

Djohar's prime minister, in hiding in the French Embassy since the coup, has announced a new government of ruling party members and a small opposition alliance without Djohar, who was taken to nearby Reunion.