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The Green Bay Packers won't be overconfident because they could face Wade Wilson instead of Troy Aikman on Sunday.

After all, Jason Garrett beat them last year, 42-31, and Garrett is the Dallas Cowboys' third-string quarterback.Despite Aikman's injury, Dallas is a 61/2-point favorite in a game that's become as much a fixture as a divisional rivalry, although all the games have been played at Texas Stadium. This will be the fifth meeting between the teams in the last three seasons, including two playoff games, and Dallas has won the first four.

They'll probably win Sunday, but a bigger concern than Aikman's strained calf muscle could be Charles Haley's aching back. Haley was invisible last week as the Dallas defensive line made the young Redskins front look like the second coming of The Hogs.

The way to overcome that is to keep the Dallas offense off the field.

Assuming that coach Barry Switzer's preaching hasn't gotten a little old . . . COWBOYS, 24-16.

Indianapolis (plus 91/2) at Miami: Don Shula, the last coach to go unbeaten in the NFL, is surprised the Dolphins are the only unbeaten team left.

No suprise, but a bit of a struggle . . . DOLPHINS, 28-20.

San Diego (plus 31/2) at Kansas City (Monday night): The Chargers beat the Chiefs twice last season and match up well. With these teams, it helps the Chargers to come off a loss and hurts the Chiefs to come off a win.

Besides, odds are that Steve Bono won't get another 76-yard touchdown run this week . . . CHARGERS, 19-18.

Denver (plus 31/2) at New England: Both teams are disappointed. Their fans are disappointed. Their coaches are disappointed.

Oh well, the Denver fans have the Rockies . . . PATRIOTS, 25-19.

Washington (plus 3) at Philadelphia: The Redskins are coming down off a big win. The Eagles are coming home after a small win. One difference: The Redskins are better . . . REDSKINS, 28-18.

Cincinnati (plus 31/2) at Tampa Bay: The Bucs at 4-2? Why not? Sam's revenge . . . BUCS, 27-25.

Houston (plus 10) at Minnesota: Warren's Revenge . . . VIKINGS, 27-5.

Cleveland (minus 21/2) at Detroit: For once, Wayne Fontes' status didn't change last week because the Lions were off. This week he rides the down elevator . . . BROWNS, 21-12.

Seattle (plus 10) at Oakland: The Raiders aren't as good as they looked against the expansion Jets . . . RAIDERS, 24-20.

New York Jets (plus 8) at Buffalo: Although they've traditionally played well in Rich Stadium, the Jets are almost as bad as they looked against the Raiders . . . BILLS, 24-6.

Arizona (plus 4) at New York Giants: Watch out Arizona, Giants quarterback Dave Brown is a better runner than Steve Bono . . . GIANTS, 23-14.

Pittsburgh (minus 101/2) at Jacksonville: The over-under on Jaguars turnovers is five . . . STEELERS, 39-10.

Carolina (plus 13) at Chicago: The over-under on Panthers turnovers is four . . . BEARS, 34-10.

Last week: 6-7 (spread); 7-6 (straight up)

Season: 28-39-3 (spread); 41-29 (straight up)