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Q & A

Q. About how many times does a person blink per minute?

A. It depends on the person, but on the average, people blink their eyes about 15 times per minute. That means they are blinking about 900 times an hour! A blink is a fast-moving reflex. Each blink lasts less than half a second. The purpose of blinking is to keep your eyes moist, clean and protected.

Q. What's the difference between isolated thunderstorms and scattered thunderstorms on the weather forecasts?

A. Scattered thunderstroms occur in 25 to 54 percent of the area affected. Isolated storms are single cells or localized conditions, and no percentage is used. Widley scattered storms occur in less than 25 percent of the area affected; numerous storms develop when more than 54 percent of an area is affected. The listing comes from the National Weather Service operations manual.

Q. What's the highest mountain in Nevada?

A. Boundary Peak is the highest place in Nevada. It's 13,143 feet, reaching into the sky of Esmeralda County, about 170 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Esmeralda County has a lot of land but not many people.

Q. How long does it take for a caterpillar to spin its chrysalis?

A. A butterfly's life cycle - from egg to adult - can last from two weeks to two years. There are four stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis (pupa) and adult. If the butterfly doesn't go through any resting stages, which many often do, here's how it happens: The egg hatches in about five days. Then the caterpillar, a real eating machine, takes over, It goes through four or five cycles, called instars. It sheds part of its skin after each one. Toward the end of the caterpillar stage, it empties its digestive tract, begins to change color and becomes very active. It moves away from the place it was feeding and finds a new place it pupate. Once it finds the place, it begins to spin the silk pad or cacoon. That can take from a half-day to a couple of days. Finally the caterpillar makes a fancy move, using hooks to grab onto the silk. In about 10 days, a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.