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Every person who has been baptized into the Church and has received and felt the confirmation of the spirit through the gift of the Holy Ghost stands as a witness of God, Elder Loren C. Dunn said Saturday afternoon.

The law of witnesses has always been a part of the Lord's work on earth, explained Elder Dunn of the Seventy, adding that witnesses confirm certain events took place and that God-given doctrine and principles are true.The first duty of a witness is to testify, Elder Dunn said. "A person who can testify to the truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is speaking of things he or she knows to be true," he explained. "With the Lord and His true witnesses there is truth that reaches beyond worldly understanding."

Quoting Orson Pratt, Elder Dunn said that God requires certain individuals to be witnesses for Him and His existence so that they can bear testimony to others.

"There were many who saw the great miracles and heard the teaching of the Savior as He dwelled on earth, but not all became witnesses," he said. "There were no personal administrations of Christ to the unbelieving. Only to certain ones did the Lord open their eyes so they knew who He really was."

Elder Dunn explained that by taking the sacrament, Church members renew their witness to take the Savior's name, keep His commandments and remember Him.

"A person so moved by the Spirit not only knows these things himself, but the Spirit carries it into the hearts of others. This is the basis of the Church's great missionary effort," he said.

Elder Dunn continued by calling the witness of the Holy Ghost more compelling than the witness of sight. "As members of the Church, we become witnesses of the Savior and the truthfulness of this work, not only in word but also in keeping our covenants and in how we treat others and in how we live our everyday lives."

Elder Dunn said the First Presidency and the Twelve are called as special witnesses of the name of Christ in all the world and are men who "by divine designation, priesthood ordination and fire of the Holy Ghost, hold keys to the ministry on earth."

The Seventy act under the direction of the First Presidency and the Twelve and are special witnesses unto the Gentiles and in all the world, he added, noting that together the men become what Paul refers to as a "cloud of witnesses."

After bearing a strong witness to God's existence and the truthfulness of the Church, Elder Dunn concluded by asking the Lord to bless Church members to listen to witnesses and to bear witness themselves.