For Robert Stephen Ricks, getting a 1600 - the top score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test - was "all right" but no big deal.

The Meridian School senior scored perfect marks on the ACT last year. In 1992, he represented Utah in the National Geography Bee and took fifth place nationally.He speaks French and German and has received numerous awards in mathematics and foreign-language competitions. Currently, he is competing in the National Merit Scholar contest.

"He's certainly a talented student," said one of his teachers, Robert Bennett. "We like to feel we helped, but we certainly didn't do it all."

Ricks has attended the private school in Provo since the sixth grade when it opened seven years ago.

He's the son of Stephen and Shirley Ricks and the second child in his family.

He knew he'd done well when he left the testing area a month ago. "I used all my time, followed my formula, which is to do the easy ones first, then go back for the harder ones," he said.

"I felt that I'd done well, but I didn't think I'd aced it."

Ricks realizes the lofty scores pretty well open up all of the options for his future, but what he'd like is to go to Brigham Young University.

His second choices are Stanford and Harvard, and his plans include an LDS mission.

Meanwhile, he's busy helping teach his peers at Meridian.

He enjoys watching others learn and plans to make a career of teaching.

Ricks also likes to be on stage. He played the role of Fagin in "Oliver" last year in the school production and hopes to be Tevye in this year's "Fiddler on the Roof."

He's somewhat surprised at all the fuss over his perfect scores. "I'm getting a lot of mail about it. I think it's getting more attention than I thought I deserved," he said. "As far as college and mission, this will be a big help."