The Carbon School District Board of Education has voted to dock the pay of bus drivers who staged a one-day walkout Nov. 3.

Board member Walter Borla said drivers who participated in the job action - which left dozens of school children stranded at bus stops - will lose up to two days of pay.District officials said about a dozen bus drivers could be penalized if they don't come up with a legitimate excuse for missing work that day. Moreover, Borla said drivers who intentionally skipped their routes will be barred from driving on the out-of-school activity trips.

A a dispute over those trips prompted the job action in the first place, with drivers upset over plans to slash their pay during layovers from $12.56 to $6 an hour.

Borla said the district and the drivers have come to terms on the pay issue. Following weeks of negotiations, the drivers have accepted a district offer of a flat $10-per-hour rate on activity trips, including layovers.