The Nephi Chamber of Commerce office now is home to the Panoramaland toll-free number.

"The number now rings at the old courthouse," said Glenn Greenhalgh. When there is no one there, the calls are recorded and the requested information is sent or the calls returned. The six-county Panoramaland tourism organization has dissolved."We have been receiving 12 to 14 calls a day," said Greenhalgh. Calls come from all over the United States and from several other countries. "A lot of calls are from out of the country," said Greenhalgh. He said it looked to him as though there were a lot of interest in the area.

"The chamber said they would man the phone without money," said Greenhalgh.

On the strength of the interest in the toll-free number, which was printed on the front of the Panoramaland brochures, he had contacted former members of the six-county Panoramaland and set a meeting for the near future.

"I thing it would be a good idea to collect approximately $500 per county and use the money to help with projects. For example, if the group wanted to print a brochure we could do so on a cooperative basis," said Greenhalgh.

"We would be back to the old basis Panoramaland was organized on, but all the six counties would need to be part of it and would need to cooperate," he said.

"We have thousands of brochures all over the county," said Ike Lunt, commissioner.

He said the interest in the information was clear. "We could use the transient room tax money to keep Panoramaland going on the limited basis," he said.