It's sad that our governor has lost the support of constitutional conservatives. He and they have the same goals and intent in desiring a shift of responsibilities from federal to states (more important to counties) per the reserved powers clause of the 10th Amendment.

Governors dream that they can block acts of Congress and would call a very dangerous constitutional convention to reach that end. What governors need to know is that the founders gave states the control they need. Also, that we don't need more amendments, but repeal of the 16th, 17th, 21st, 24th, 25th, and 26th as acts to restore America.When socialist one worlders found the U.S. Senate blocking all their schemes, the oligarchy owned - corporately controlled media, brainwashed our grandparents into thinking that direct election of senators would be good. Little did they realize that it emasculated the states' power to control the federal activity. It nullified the great compromise of the Constitutional Convention, destroyed the Republic in favor of democracy (mobocracy) and gave us two houses of representatives. The one erroneously called the U.S. Senate is more dangerous with six years between term limit days in November.

Currently we observe the House doing serious constitutional restoration actions, only to watch the Senate water them down via compromise.

Walter C. Litchfield

St. George