For many children with special needs, birthdays and holidays bring pajamas and socks rather than toys. Family members may be uncertain which toys will be successful for these children and often choose not to purchase toys at all.

But a couple of groups are providing help and insight in selecting toys for children with disabilities.- Lekotek Toy Resource Helpline is a toll-free service offering assistance in selecting appropriate toys and play materials for the families, friends and professionals who work with disabled children. By having an opportunity to discuss the individual child's abilities with a trained Lekotek leader, the caller can learn the characteristics of play materials and types of toys that are appropriate for a special child. Call 1-800-366-PLAY.

- The "Guide to Toys for Children Who Are Blind Or Visually Impaired" is an award-winning guide to picking great toys for kids with visual impairments - and for visually impaired adults who want to play with the children in their lives. Produced by the Toy Manufacturers of America and the American Foundation for the Blind. To order, send a postcard to: Toys for the Blind, 200 Fifth Avenue, Suite 740, New York, NY 10010.