Nephi residents are looking to give Nephi's master plan a fresh look and possible facelift.

Residents recently had an opportunity to meet with City Council members, Planning Commission members, and one another to plan for Nephi's future at a special brainstorming session."Our purpose is to update the master plan," said Mayor Robert Steele.

Results of the public meeting will be compiled by the Planning Commission and returned to the City Council for review.

After the meeting opened, those in attendance broke into five groups, then reassembled for one-person reports from each group. The groups discussed a list the Planning Commission had suggested as possible concerns. New areas of concern submitted by each group will now be compiled.

"The council has instructed the city Planning Commission to conduct this meeting," he said in turning the meeting over to Glenn Greenhalgh, chairman of the Planning Commission.

By state law, said Greenhalgh, the old master plan process is now identified as the general plan. "In 1982 the plan we are using now, with some alterations, was first adopted," he said.

Since that time, said Greenhalgh, the community has undergone substantial changes. The City Council recently has faced many issues and problems that weren't contemplated when the original plan was devised.

"This is the first meeting in the public input process," Greenhalgh noted. Not needed, he said, were complaints. "This meeting will be fairly well focused. This is not the forum to solve problems but to identify issues. This is not a meeting to come up with solutions."

Other public meetings would probably be held in the future, said Greenhalgh. "There are several methods which can be used to gain public input," he said. For one thing, polls and trends could be considered. A poll was taken recently.

In addition, demographics, trends, population and other data will be considered. "The general plan development process has a fairly large data-gathering process included," he said.

Greenhalgh said members of the community should be thanked for attending the meeting and for showing their concern for the future of Nephi. "This is the first step for gathering public comment."

Within a few weeks, he said, the information should be compiled and ready for the council's use.