Bountiful's recent efforts to convince UDOT, Salt Lake City and others on its Bountiful Boulevard extension project into Salt Lake City have resulted in its receiving another no and/or low priority. Therefore the Bountiful administration has turned to its area representative, the powerful Senate President Lane Beattie, to fund $16 million and pass legislation mandating UDOT to do the project anyway. Where would the $16 million come from?

Gov. Mike Leavitt, after careful selection and deliberations, has diligently by and large made good appointments throughout state government, not the least of which are those appointed to the Department of Transportation.Beattie is my representative also and is giving a great service as president of the Senate. I hope he won't make a second career mistake by supporting Bountiful's ill-advised request to fund $16 million from state taxpayers' money for this project, which, if completed, would also become a future ongoing expense to the entire state.

Olof E. Zundel