Jurors who will hear the case against the owners of Ligertown, where 19 lions escaped in September, will come from another county. But the trial will remain in Pocatello, a Bannock County magistrate decided Monday.

Pocatello Magistrate Mark Beebe ruled that he would grant a defense attorney's request for a change of venue in the upcoming animal cruelty trial. But he said he'd do that by leaving the trial in Bannock County and bringing in jurors from Cassia County.Bannock County prosecutors have until Tuesday to amend their charges against Dotti Martin and Robert Fieber, who owned and lived in Ligertown, a private game farm that housed nearly 50 lions.

The judge told prosecutors they had to be specific in their allegations of animal cruelty and possessing protected animal species.

The couple was charged with more than 100 misdemeanors and two felonies after 19 of their lions escaped and were killed by Bannock County sheriff's deputies and Lava Hot Springs residents. The two felony charges were dismissed by prosecutors earlier this month for lack of evidence.