Government action


In its Nov. 7 meeting, the City Council:

- Held a public hearing and approved a rezone of 0.5 acres from commercial to residential for Mike Kushlan at 450 N. Main St. so he can expand an existing residence.

- Held a public hearing and approved the vacation of Westwood Country Estates subdivision, phase one, to correct a survey error.

- Approved an amended plat for Westwood Country Estates subdivision, phase one.

- Denied a waiver of non-resident cemetery fees for relatives of Rea Whicker because it was determined they aren't residents of Kays-ville.

- Listened to a request by Keith Halls to improve a catch basin on Sunset Drive.

- Denied a request to waive development fees for Bowman's Shopping Center, to avoid setting a precedent.

- Held a public hearing and approved amendments to the city's planning and zoning codes relating to word definitions and technical corrections.

- Set a public hearing for Dec. 5, 6:30 p.m. to consider a rezone request for one acre at 1200 North Fairfield Road from agricultural to residential.

- Accepted various subdivision improvements and placed them in the two-year warranty period.

In its Nov. 21 meeting, the City Council:

- Presented a certificate of achievement to finance director Dean Storey for his outstanding work.

- Approved the Avalon Commercial subdivision, one lot, near Bowman's store. The new business that will build there has not yet been finalized.

- Appointed Mike Snow to the planning commission to replace Bob Spiel, who is moving to Texas.