On the same day that Rep. Enid Greene Waldholtz appears before the Salt Lake media to explain to her constituents her personal and campaign financial problems, her attorneys will appear in 3rd District Court asking that her divorce from estranged husband Joe Waldholtz be sealed from public view.

"It is asymmetric that she would be calling a press conference to `fully disclosure' her financial problems and at the same time be seeking to close those same finances in court," said Deseret News attorney Jeff Hunt.Hunt and other media attorneys will argue Dec. 11 before Judge William A. Thorne that Enid Waldholtz's divorce proceedings should not be sealed. The judge had already sealed the file at the request of Enid's attorneys.

"Given the statements Mrs. Waldholtz has made surrounding her and Joe's finances and the public questions raised over this whole affair, it is clear the public has been invited by her to examine these matters," said Hunt.

And because of her public position and the charges levied "by her against her husband," the public has "a legitimate interest in the financial affairs of the Waldholtzes," he added.