Israel sent soldiers to southern Lebanon on Wednesday as reinforcements and considered retaliatory attacks on Shiite Muslim guerrillas who rocketed northern Israel.

A senior Israeli official warned that the attack Tuesday by the Hez-bollah group violated a 1993 U.S.-mediated agreement under which neither Israel nor the guerrillas would target civilians."This is a total violation of every understanding of every interpretation of everything that was settled in August 1993," Uri Lubrani, Israel's policy coordinator in Lebanon, told Israel radio Wednesday.

Israeli warplanes pounded Hezbollah bases Tuesday, and officials warned that Israel's retaliation could be harsh.

But Israel army radio reported that Prime Minister Shimon Peres rejected a demand by several Cabinet ministers for an immediate, large-scale attack.

And Maj. Gen. Amiram Levine, the top army commander in northern Israel, suggested there would be no harsh retaliation.

"I am not sure that a strong response or one quick, strong strike is the answer," Levine told reporters.

Wednesday, a convoy of several tanks and other military vehicles rolled from northern Israel into southern Lebanon as Israel beefed up its forces in the area.

However, Zeev Schiff, a veteran military analyst for the Haaretz newspaper, said he did not expect an immediate strike.

"After this surprise violation of the understandings there will be a short wait to examine the intentions, to see if this was a one-time thing," Schiff told Israel army radio.

"After the wait, if it continues, I see an Israeli operation that can lead to great suffering," he added.