On Nov. 27, my 10-year-old daughter, Kimberly, and her friend, Jennifer, were walking our two Shih Tzu dogs, Snuggles and her offspring Brownie, on a leash. An unleashed pit bull attacked Snuggles. It took four men to pry Snuggles from the mouth of that pit bull. Snuggles died a few hours later.

As a result, two girls will live with the image of that pit bull mutilating the most kind and gentle animal. Brownie saw her mother companion critically injured and is now extremely lonely. We are now afraid to walk Brownie. We and all our friends who dearly loved Snuggles miss her immensely.Now, I know you pit bull owners are saying, "Our pit bull would never do that." I understand that pit bulls are very loyal and loving with their owners. But they can kill innocent pets and even people. If you must own a pit bull or any other kind of tenacious guard dog, please, please, please, be a responsible owner. Never allow your animal to be outside your home, vehicle or secured back yard without a leash. Make sure you are in control of the animal, not the animal in control of you. Be loving and kind but firm. And give this same message to other owners of these kinds of dogs. These are powerful animals that can kill in seconds.

I feel that pit bulls should be banned because of irresponsible owners. You responsible owners are saying that isn't fair. There are irresponsible owners of all breeds of dogs. However, when an irresponsible owner has a pit bull, that animal becomes an uncontrollable lethal weapon. Other innocent pets and people should not have to pay the price.

Colleen Hilton