It was more like "No-No-No" than "Ho-Ho-Ho" when 15 Santa Clauses marched outside the French Embassy in Oslo on Saturday in an unusually jolly protest against nuclear testing.

Even the Oslo police couldn't help smiling at the red-and-white-clad Santas, who kept interrupting their demonstration to wave and smile at passing children."It's hard to put on an angry demonstration when only jolly people are involved," the head Santa, also known as Johan Remmen, said after the 20-minute protest.

At its annual meeting Saturday, the National Union of Santa Clauses checked its list of who had been naughty and nice this year. They checked it twice, and found that France and its President Jacques Chirac didn't make the "nice" list.

"Atomic testing is definitely naughty," said Remmen. "Jacques hasn't been a good boy this year."

The Santas urged Norwegians not to buy anything French - from wines to perfume - for Christmas.

France has broken a 3-year moratorium and conducted four nuclear tests in the South Pacific since September. It plans two to four more tests before May when it will sign a nuclear test ban treaty.