For nearly the entire 20th century Americans have been putting their lives on the line to prop up their dysfunctional cousins in Europe. We are about to do it again.

The Europeans have made another fine mess of things in the exact same place where a Serbian nut ignited World War I. And, typically, the Europeans again have demonstrated that they are totally useless when it comes to cleaning up their own messes.Besides paying in blood, Americans have spent trillions of dollars to preserve and protect our European allies. American lives and treasure have sustained a Eurotrash bed-hopping monarchy in Britain and paid for the privilege of being snubbed by the French, who have done such a superior job in Europe that they now support Gallic discord in Canada.

Now, after nearly three years of fighting and more than 250,000 deaths in the hastily invented country called Bosnia, it's time for Americans to once again put their lives on the line in Europe.

The Europeans can't do it without our help. We got the peace agreement. Our leadership is needed to keep the peace. And the stability of Europe is still in our national interest. But at some point, the Europeans need to learn to clean up their own messes.