We hear the term diversity spoken often. It is spoken as if diversity were a good thing. I cannot comprehend what these voices mean. They speak as if it were a great thing. I see it differently.

Only when both cultures are of equal worth and value do the two enhance each other. If one is a superior culture and the other inferior, there is no comparable exchange. Mix a plus culture with a minus culture and both suffer.Let me give an example. In Culture A, a couple who love each other marry and have children. This family will love each other, care for each other and nurture each other. There is no substitute for a loving family.

In Culture B, the couple who love each other do not marry. They live together as long as the lust lasts, then they move on to repeat their mistakes with someone else. Should they have children, as often happens, the father abandons his children.

Culture A does not benefit from the antics of Culture B. Simply, Culture B cannot comprehend the value of a Culture A loving family.

Culture A believes everyone should be responsible for their own actions. This is called maturity. Culture B blames society for all their foolishness. This is a childish response.

Culture A and B will not mix - nor will oil and water - they are too different. No, I cannot believe that diversity as referred to by Culture B is equally beneficial to Culture A and probably not to anyone. It's like welfare - here is where Culture B is located. Culture A is taxed to support Culture B - not a good thing.

Ernest Heaton

Johnson Canyon