Nov. 29, I saw a news program that showed Enid Waldholtz being interviewed by the news media. You can tell that she has been through literal hell and is near breaking. Whether she is guilty or not, she or anyone else should not have to be subject to the asinine questions that are presented to her. Where has the quality in our news reporters gone? The majority I have seen lately are very immature and unprofessional. They push and ask personal questions that are torturous.

So what if the person you were hounding is ruined or devastated for life, at least the big story was had. It doesn't really matter if what was reported was entirely the truth as long as it was sensational. Yes, we still have society's vultures circling and ready to pick our carcasses clean if we falter.Right now, guilty or not, hang in there, Enid. You've got my support and a friend if you need one. No one deserves to go through what you are at the moment.

One last note to the news media: Have some class and back off. Quit acting like a bunch of maggots on a dead carcass.

John F. Holm