O.J. Simpson is negotiating a multimillion-dollar deal to sell a $29.95 video proclaiming his innocence, the Daily News reported Wednesday.

Simpson hopes to sign with a Los Angeles-based infomercial company as soon as some well-known personality agrees to appear with him in the two-hour video titled "O.J. Speaks Out," the newspaper quoted a source as saying.Simpson also has met with a legal analyst from Cable News Network to discuss a no-holds-barred interview, but he and the network did not reach an agreement on the terms, a CNN spokesman said Tuesday.

Simpson was acquitted Oct. 3 in the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

He would receive $3 million upon completion of the video and an infomercial to hawk the video, and up to $10 million if the tape sells well, the newspaper quoted the source as saying.

The success of the deal also would hinge on whether television stations would sell Simpson air-time to broadcast the infomercial.

A week after the verdict, Simpson agreed to an interview with NBC but backed out hours before airtime on the advice of his attorneys. They were concerned about a wrongful death civil suit filed against him by the victims' families.

CNN spokesman Steve Haworth confirmed that Simpson met with legal analyst Greta Van Susteren for four hours on Saturday at Simpson's home in Los Angeles to discuss a possible interview. He would not comment further except to say "there are no plans for further discussions at this time."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Tuesday that Simpson told Van Susteren that he was planning a direct-to-market video about his life and the trial.