Recently, you published a letter from Donna Smith regarding the proposed extension of Bountiful Boulevard as a state-funded road into Salt Lake City. Donna's points about the aesthetics and personality of the road are absolutely right on the money. I wish to show the reason why this issue is more than a local Bountiful issue and involves the whole state.

The people of Utah should be aware that the proposal to extend this road is projected to cost approximately $15 million. This $15 million will be spent on a road that will make "no significant difference" on the "vehicle miles and vehicle hours traveled" based on a study performed by the consulting firm DMJM and the Wasatch Front Regional Council, prepared for the Utah Department of Transportation. If I were a resident of areas of this state that have serious transportation needs, I would be fuming at the prospect of someone spending transportation dollars for nothing.I am concerned about the politics of this issue. There really can't be much gained from having this project completed to serve the needs of a very small number of citizens of the state. We have huge problems with the I-15 corridor that serves many times the number of people that this road ever will. Shouldn't these needs really be in the limelight, instead of some almost foolish project as this?

Bill Sutton