Supermodel Cindy Crawford says she's already prepping her ego for the bad reviews she may get when her first movie hits theaters at the end of the year.

Crawford and co-star William Baldwin are currently shooting "Fair Game," a romantic thriller along the lines of last year's hit "Speed," in Miami.Baldwin and producer Joel Silver are doing their best to ease her anxieties, Crawford says. "It's like doing this (movie) with friends. He's (Baldwin) looking for me to succeed, not to fail, and that's a nice feeling," Crawford says.

"One reason I wanted to do this movie is that Billy and I have a lot of banter back and forth. . . . It's like two '90s people doing sexual banter, like a great game of tennis."

Meanwhile, Crawford's estranged husband, actor Richard Gere, has signed to star in "Primal Fear," the story of an attorney who defends a homeless man wrongly accused of murder. But moviegoers will first find Gere trotting around as Sir Lancelot this summer in the King Arthur epic "First Knight."



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