Sparky Anderson decided that he could not work with replacement players, and the manager of the Detroit Tigers is going home.

Anderson has been granted a leave of absence, the Detroit News reported today."My decision had nothing to do with money," Anderson told the News. "I vowed to myself long ago that when I leave this game, I will leave it with my head held high."

Anderson's decision came as replacement players made their first appearance at a spring training camp.

Twenty-seven men put on New York Yankees uniforms, grabbed their gloves and ran onto the field at Fort Lauderdale Stadium.

Two or three people applauded - it was hard to tell exactly how many because of the echo from the empty grandstand - and the players jogged slowly around the field.

So began the first day of spring training Thursday, a day when baseball was back, but more different than it has ever been.

New York was the only major league team holding a workout. Several teams will have players on the field today, and all camps will have pitchers and catchers in uniform by Monday.

At Lakeland, Anderson became the first manager to balk at working with replacement players, though the Toronto Blue Jays excused Cito Gaston and his coaches from working with the strikebreakers.

Anderson, 60, will be allowed to return to his home in California until the strike is settled, The News said.

"I will not compromise my beliefs for any amount of money. If I did that, it would not be me, and I could not live with myself," Anderson told the News. "If I have to leave, I will leave knowing I've done the right things."