Daniel H. Ludlow provided the following hints and suggestions on studying the New Testament:

- Use the LDS edition of the King James Version of the Bible.- Read through all the verses of all 27 books in the New Testament at least once during the year.

- Read through all the chapter headings at least once during the year.

- Mark in color the "JST" (Joseph Smith Translation) footnotes.

- Mark in another color all the "GR" (alternate translation from the Greek) footnotes. You may also want to mark footnotes for "OR" (to clarify archaic English expressions), "IE" (explanation of idioms, difficult expressions), "HEB" (alternate translations from Hebrew), "HC" (History of the Church), or "TG" (Topicsl Guide).

- Use the chart "Harmony of the Gospels" in the Bible Dictionary.

- Read all the articles in the Bible Dictionary that pertain to the New Testament.

- Use the Topical Guide to help identify the most important doctrines and other subjects discussed in the New Testament.

- Use the Gazetteer and the maps to become acquainted with the major place names of the New Testament.

- Read and study New Testament materials in Church publications.

President Howard W. Hunter advised during the October 1979 general conference: "It is better to have a set amount of time for scriptural study each day than to have a set amount of chapters to read."