About 50 people gathered at the Statehouse steps Saturday afternoon, waving signs urging Micron to put its $1.3 billion expansion in Idaho, even though the company dropped Idaho off its list of finalists last week.

"I think anything's possible, or I wouldn't have launched this effort," said Ralph Perez, a City Council member from Garden City, who organized the rally. "But, more importantly, we don't want to have this happen again. Micron will have other expansions, and we want them to know they are welcome here."Perez said he's still trying to get Micron to change its mind. He set up a meeting for Tuesday between area mayors and Micron spokesman Kipp Bedard to talk about putting the expansion in Idaho.

"We appreciate the show of support, but that decision was final," Micron spokeswoman Julie Nash said.

And even if the public had rallied months ago, it probably wouldn't have made a difference, Nash said. The decision was based on what was best for the company.

Many blamed the state Board of Education for not accommodating Micron's request for a Boise engineering program.

Lack of public enthusiasm also was blamed.