In recent weeks, there have been several Forum letters critical of Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah. The Ogden City Council and Mayor Mecham wish to express their appreciation to Hansen for the accomplishments he and his staff have made on our behalf. Because of their efforts, Congress has allocated $8 million to upgrade the Ogden water system, saving Ogden taxpayers an 18 percent increase in water rates.

With this money, the city will upgrade the existing reservoirs within the city, add a new steel reservoir at the east end of 4600 South, rehabilitate the water treatment plant, reline one of the main supply lines in Ogden Canyon, and install a new backup power system at the well field adjacent to Pineview Reservoir. These were all necessary upgrades to assure the continued quality of our water supply.The city also thanks Sens. Orrin Hatch and Robert Bennett for their effective representation of Ogden's interests and their roles in securing the designation of Ogden as one of 52 Urban Enterprise Communities in the country. Such designation will bring at least $3 million and many other benefits into the Ogden community to use for various housing and social service programs.

With the outstanding assistance of our congressional representatives and their staffs, the city will continue its efforts to better serve the citizens of Ogden.

Adele Smith, council chairman

Glenn J. Mecham, mayor